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When hard Work Doesn't Pay Off

By benmasongolf, Jun 21 2017 03:04PM

Recently I have been seeing on social media the hashtag "hard work pays off" and I think it's fantastic that people are getting the message out that if you want to get somewhere in life you need to put the hard yards in. But. It also concerns me that this message is being misunderstood by some and they are finding that they are putting the hard work in and not getting the desired results.

I'm sure we all know someone who goes to the driving range every night, they hit 100-200 balls, they chip and putt until it's dark and go out in the monthly medal and don't play anywhere near their handicap. The talk in the clubhouse is that they are an underachiever, their handicap should be lower, they should win more often because of all the "hard work" they put in. Then there is the other end of the spectrum. The golfer who practices once a week. They hit 30 shots on the range. A few chip and putts here and there. Then they turn up and win the weekend medal and the handicap keeps coming down. The talk in the 19th is that they are an overachiever and don't deserve to play as well as the golfer who has been practicing for hours.

Let me let you into a little secret. In golf and life there is no such thing as under and over achieving. Golfers tend to achieve what they allow themselves to achieve. How can that be you might ask? Let me explain.

Let's take the golfer who is at the range every night practicing and not getting better. They've heard the term "Hard Work Pays Off" so they think that's what I'll do. So they work hard. Endless hours in pursuit of perfection. Yet they are not working smart. There is no structure to their practice. No actual plan to each session on what they want out of the session and how to go about it. It's just hard work. It's quantity rather than quality. Because of this they don't really improve. You could even say that that are not really practicing they are exercising. Because of this they are not achieving better results with their golf. They are getting fitter perhaps but not better. They are achieving something but not what they desire.

Now let's take the other golfer who doesn't "work as hard". When they do go the the range they have a clear plan on what they want to achieve with the 30 shots they may hit. The practice is focused and goal driven. Each shot is carefully planned and executed. This is quality over quantity. This is why they steadily improve.

People looking in may say that the "hard worker" deserves it more because they put in the time and effort but actually the the golfer who is making sure their time is better spent is the one who reaps the rewards.

Imagine though if a golfer putting the time and effort in that our hard worker is putting in and structured their practice like the golfer who puts quality time in what could be achieved.

So next time you see the phrase "Hard Work Pays Off" think to yourself. Yes this is true but only if the hard work is of a certain quality.

Perhaps the hashtag that I have seen on social media should be replaced with "Hard and Smart Work Pays Off."

If you would like to learn how to make your hard work pay off don't hesitate to contact me and I will be able to formulate a plan with you to help turn your practice in to better scores on the golf course email me direct at to get started.

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